Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bike test no.1

ive been trying to create a cyclotrope out of the wheel that is still attached to my bike, so i mounted a camera to my bike rack and rode it up and down the drive, its workng, its not great yet but its work in progress!


  1. hello love your cyclotrope we been playing with lots of bicycle stuff for the past 2/3 years

    we have posted your cylotrope film on this site of ours
    check out the deorated wheels page

    recently we worked with year 8 schoolkids for 12 weeks, doing allorts including a Duchamp Haiku Wheel

    we will be doing some more playing with bicycle wheels, cameras and art at a community event under the Cumberland Flyover in Bristol in June.

    Love it !!

  2. hi! thanks for you comment, thanks for those links, i love the bike wheel domes, amazing i want on in my garden! and the pigeon circus on a wheel is brilliant!
    im glad you liked my film, ive just finished making a very similar cyclotrope film for a UNAIDS campaign and im hoping to keep experimenting.
    i love your decorated wheels, i really would love to try that, ill send you photos if i do, please keep me updated with your bike experiment its so exciting!

    All the best

  3. hi, the UNAIDS film is lovely love the colours just bought a CD Shangaan Electro coincidently on the South African tip.
    We playing with a wheel sculpture thing this coming weekend Under The Flyover event in Bristol
    have filmmaker with us and pedal powered projector
    just playing we'll keep you posted..


  4. Hello Tim

    saw the Oxford Alleycat youtube clips,know them well now, been doing work with a school up there all this year.

    we had a great day today, see

    our attempts shot with a Nikon coolpix, fun !!!

    our e-mail is

    Kevin and Sylvie